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1931 congress centre

The Brabanthallen (Brabant Halls) in Den Bosch were once built as the largest roofed-over complex for livestock in Europe, and are now entirely oriented to trade fairs, congresses and diverse events such as pop concerts and sports competitions. In an early phase, cepezed formulated a development vision for the whole complex, and the office designed the radical restructuring, restoration and expansion of the trade fair and event section. Now the office has transformed the monumental Heusden-Alterna Halls, which date from 1931, and the corresponding entrance building, into a modern congress centre equipped with the most advanced amenities and facilities.

1931 Congress Centre covers approximately 8,000 m2 and comprises three large congress halls that, with the aid of a flexible partitioning system, can be combined in various configurations. Smaller groups or sub-groups can make use of the pavilions placed in the halls like a box within a box. These are also equipped with all modern presentation and meeting facilities and can also be flexibly partitioned to cope with changing usage. The front area of the halls functions as a foyer and reception area. The spacious entrance building, which has not been used for years and contains the former manager’s house, accommodates the restaurant and the café. The existing basement has been further deepened and rearranged, and now contains the scullery and the preparatory kitchens.

All areas have abundant incidence of daylight. For this purpose, the authentic, pointed skylights have been renovated. Much attention has also been paid to good acoustics. With large meetings, all visitors must be able to follow events clearly, while simultaneous events should not experience nuisance from one another. Acoustic facilities have been included in the ceiling finishing, consisting of profiled and perforated steel plates, in which the sprinkler system and the lighting have also been integrated. The installations have been restricted as much as possible, and, inasmuch as they are present, they are oriented toward flexible use. The installation casing has been has been tucked away under the built-in pavilions, while the air-treatment units have been installed out of sight on the roof of the new construction section.

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