bedrijfsgebouw piet boon

The renowned interior designer Piet Boon was seeking new accommodation for his studio. In the meantime, cepezed projects, which is primarily oriented toward high-quality corporate accommodation, recognized an opportunity at an Oostzaan industrial estate along the Amsterdamcircular, the A10. The parties combined forces and initiated Het Bos Oostzaan, a development with four multi-tenant corporate buildings that form an attractive unity, to be realized in four phases. The design was generated by cepezed, in co-operation with Piet Boon. The first section has now been realized and accommodates, besides Piet Boon Global Headquarters and allied divisions, nine corporate units measuring between 250 m² and 850 m².  

For the main party, the building has three layers. It is wedge-shaped with a façade that follows the curve of the parcel on the broad north side. The central zone at grade is unbuilt, so that visitors and users can park under a covered section. The Piet Boon showroom lies at the point of the building on the ground floor. Above this are the studio and offices of the interior designer.  A protruding volume of glass and concrete containing the entrance, lift and stairs for this part of the building, is situated on the south-east side. The northern building segment is reserved for the commercial areas distributed over the floors.  These can be hired separately or in combination.

The elevations are vertically articulated in an alternation of transparent and closed sections. The closed parts consist of sandwich panels with a subtly screen-printed trespa (high-pressure laminate) exterior finishing that contributes to an extraordinary appearance and allure. The west façade can be partly regarded as a screen of vertical, wooden louvres. The parking area is situated behind this, at grade. At the spot where a cut-out has been applied, halfway along the building volume, the screen also functions as a protective wall for the roof garden to the rear on the first storey.

The building has been allocated a sustainable climatization system that works on the basis of a geothermal source with a heat pump, which ensures low operational costs and an independence of energy price developments. The completion of the second building in the Het Bos Oostzaan will be toward the end of 2011. The realization of the third and fourth buildings is already underway.

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het bos oostzaan