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The European head office of the Japanese sports clothing and shoe manufacturer ASICS was situated in an obsolete and stuffy building in Hoofddorp. The company wished to improve the functionality and the perception of its accommodation. cepezed designed a new, modern building on the local Taurusavenue, in the direct vicinity of the station and the exit roads.

The new building is explicitly no flagship of the brand. In contrast, it has a modest character. The accent lies on efficiency, effectiveness and a pleasant experience on the part of the users, who largely consist of the staff and visitors mainly from the retail branch. The office has an open atmosphere with modern, studio-like workstations and presentation rooms in which the Japanese identity of ASICS can be recognized due to, among other things, the application of natural materials in the interior.

Another major feature is the healthy and sporty working environment. Partly as a consequence of the centrally situated atrium, the building enjoys great incidence of daylight while use of the lift is discouraged by an invitingly positioned, ongoing cascade stairway. In addition, the building is equipped with gyms with showers, and the canteen serves only healthy food.

The building is situated directly adjacent to the sustainable TNT GREEN Office designed by Paul de Ruiter, and seeks as much synergy as possible with this building, while maintaining its own identity. In this way, the buildings form a unit in the landscape and they both make use of a bio-warmth storage system by means of which they can supply their own energy for heating and cooling.

The ASICS office has a horizontally articulated façade of strip windows and light-grey enamelled glass. There is a semi-sunken car park under the building, with space for more than hundred cars. The building has a direct view of the Geniedijk, which is a component of the historical Stelling van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Defence Line) and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

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