artifort delta 075

A robust but reserved seating unit for the furniture manufacturer Artifort, which recognized a growing market in the increase of large-scale waiting places such as airport lounges, hotel lobbies, and the entrances of office buildings. For applicability in various circumstances, a ‘family’ of components was designed, offering a broad range of possibilities and accommodating divergent requirements. By means of an interlocking system, the piece of furniture is available as a two to five-seater, and can be arranged in a single row or back-to-back. Armrests and table-flaps are optional. The seat width and height can be continuously adjusted per assignment and there is a comprehensive choice of leather or textile upholstery. In this way, a unique solution is possible for every individual situation. The design was not created to raise an issue with the large-scale architecture for which the item is intended. It has been styled in such a way that it harmonizes unobtrusively with the space. With a cast aluminium frame and a multiplex seat, the design is both elegant and strong, and harmonizes well with the form language of aeroplanes and modern airports.

artifort, schijndel