reuma en revalidatiecentrum rotterdam

The Centrum voor Reuma en Revalidatie Rotterdam, RRR (Centre for Rheumatics and Rehabilitation) is a nursing home and rehabilitation centre specifically oriented toward the rehabilitation of elderly patients who may or may not be resident there. The existing accommodation is largely outdated and no longer meets contemporary demands. In addition, the future strategy includes plans for a stepup in scale and a flexible capacity. Previous expansion plans stranded on issues such as Building Inspectorate criticism, the ‘wind rights’ of an adjacent windmill and an explosion hazard related to an adjoining petrol station. Such matters have now been regulated and cepezed is designing a stylish expansion, to be realized in two phases, which supports sustainable operations and forms a healing environment for the residents.

The plan for the new construction consists of two curved volumes, nestling slightly apart, of four and five storeys respectively, which are connected at the extremities via a transparent amenity centre. The first phase will witness the construction of the fivestory volume and the transparent centre. Adaptation to an existing section dating from 1999 will also take place in this phase, and this will then accommodate the treatment rooms and office functions. In a second phase, the original building will be demolished and the fourstorey segment will be built. The upper floors of the curved volumes will house the living and repose units, while the ground floor accommodates facilities such as dayactivity sections and exercise areas. Orangeries that penetrate the elongated volumes allow the introduction of light and air and also function as comfortable repose areas. The transparent centre houses the restaurant and kitchen, a grand café, studios with exhibition space and a therapeutic swimming pool with spa facilities.

The luxury residential units are more than twice as large as the existing units and are all equipped with their own sanitary facilities, a ceiling lift, a pantry and a French balcony with a panoramic view of the adjacent city park, which was designed by Piet Oudolf. The units are suitable for habitation by one or two people, which generates great flexibility in the centre’s capacity. The CorTen steel façades harmonize well with the situation of the centre in the landscape.

rotterdam / the netherlands

centrum reuma & revalidatie rotterdam