Danish company Sonion is a global leader in the development of miniature components for hearing aids, high-end headphones and medical equipment. The Benelux office has been housed in a new building on the Taurus Avenue in Hoofddorp, designed by cepezed, since 2012. Because the company does not focus on the public market, visibility on this side was not a requirement. Due to the advanced product development that takes place at Sonion and the state-of-the-art position the company holds within its market, there was however an important wish for privacy and visual screening. As a result, the building has been elevated a half building layer, so there are no problems with being overlooked from the public space and it is also possible to park under the building. An imposing cascade staircase begins directly opposite the entrance at ground level and provides access to every floor in the building. Because the roof is transparent, you always walk to and from the light. Following on from this, the building provides a light, pavilion-like working environment with maximum interaction between the employees and the product developers; it is characterized by a great deal of transparency, long sight lines and ample opportunities for people to meet each other and work together. The first storey above ground level has an extra clear height and includes laboratories and research facilities. The two floors above that house offices situated round a light spacious atrium where meeting and discussing play a central role and where the company restaurant is also located. The south-westerly situated panorama over the green Geniedijk and the polders of the Harlemmermeer behind is one of the building’s important trump cards. You look out onto this view from many positions, including from the stairs. The fully glazed atrium façade literally opens onto the polder, providing access to a generous roof terrace as well on this side. The façades are horizontally articulated, with alternating strip windows in aluminium frames and closed strips of horizontally profiled steel sheeting. The building is situated in a cluster in a cul-de-sac with a number of other buildings for Asics, TNT and Schneider Electrics. For both the positioning and the principal volume, the aim has been to create uniformity, within which the individual companies nevertheless remain recognizable. The similarity in requirements, supporting structure and method of implementation ensures a natural affinity between the different buildings.

hoofddorp / the netherlands

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