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New company building for TRS, a firm specialized in silent and energy-conserving refrigeration systems for amongst others trucks and containers. The company used to be housed on different locations in the surroundings, but this construction unites all branches under one roof.
The premises are designed as an elongated and orthogonal construction volume. Partly, it has a double height and partly it is fitted with two storeys. Thus, it houses the complete programme, including offices, work shops, general, technical and sanitary facilities, storage, supply room and a company restaurant. 
The arrangement is based on a 5400 mm grid, which is just fit for trucks and tilt-up doors. Along the De Scheysloot, the appearance is characterized by fifteen of these tilt-up doors in a row, used by the different trucks TRS subsequently equips with cooling machinery. In a strip three modules wide which transects the building at around two-thirds of its length, the ground floor a.o. accommodates the stock room, the work shop office and the entrance for the shop floor employees. On the second floor, the changing and washing facilities for the shop floor employees as well as the company restaurant and a large roof terrace are situated. Adjoining this construction strip, a large open space of four modules wide currently mainly functions as a depot. 
At the northwest side, along the provincial road in the direction of Noordwijkerhout, the building has an entrance patio fitted with an electrically operated pivoted gate. This entrance patio is used by customers and TRS’s office workers, is largely executed in black gravel and is followed by a construction strip over 14 metres deep that covers half of the building’s length and continues on until the roof terrace. On the second floor, the offices and facilities such as pantries, toilets and archives are accommodated here; on the ground floor, there are work shops for the assembly of the refrigerating systems. These directly link to the installation hall where the trucks are.  The installation hall, the section with the offices and facilities and the area with the storage and company restaurant are all provided with a range of visual perspectives that optically connect the different construction zones. 
The building has a minimized steel stability structure with slender H-columns. Profiled steel trapezium sheets of 20 cm height set up the roof of the installation hall. They each span 10,80 meter and are directly connected to the IPE roof beams. Because of the force distribution the roof elements provide, extra stability and anti-tipping measurements in the roof are superfluous. The sheets are covered with rock wool and roofing, while they have been perforated for good acoustics. The floors and the roof of the office zone are of concrete hollow core slabs with a span of 14,40 m. The concrete is largely kept visible; lowered ceilings have only been installed locally and in the hallways. The closed partitioning in the office strip is of fibreboard, the partitioning of the offices themselves consists of fully transparent glazing.
The offices also have transparently glazed facades. All other facades are of black steel sheeting with a horizontal profile and insulating cassettes on the inside. Along the entrance patio and the windows of the ground floor, the cladding profile continues on, but carried out perforated.  On the corners, the facades are mitre-joined. At the position of the roof terrace, a textile windscreen is integrated into the façade surface. A translucent top strip above the closed façades liberally provides the work floors with daylight. For extra daylight, an elongated sky light illuminates the installation section of the work shop. 
For a comfortable and energy-efficient climate, the concrete floors have been thermally activated and kept at a constant temperature. The offices have been provided with induction-units which add warmth or cold to drawn-in air and subsequently blow it out again. A heat pump on the roof extracts energy from the outside air. All ducts and pipes have been completely left visible. 
Both internally and externally, the building can easily be expanded. On the side of the provincial road, the section that now functions as a depot can be provided with an extra gfa of around 200 m2 by simply inserting a concrete floor field. The general construction plan can be continued on the available terrain adjoining the current construction.

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