van wijk printery

Company building in Oostzaan developed by sister company cepezed projects and executed by sister company Bouwteam General Contractors. In design and materialization, it is related to the construction on the directly adjoining trading estate Het Bos Oostzaan, which - in collaboration with Piet Boon - is also developed by cepezed projects. The Van Wijk Printery is yet another good example of how an elegant and sophisticated company building can be realized with no more than a limited budget.

The elongated, orthogonal building is divided into three wings. The middle zone is of double height and houses the printery shop floor and its corresponding pre-production, which are separated by a transparent partitioning. On the ground floor of the adjacent strip, offices, the equipment room and the storage are situated. Overhead, more offices, the archives and the company canteen are positioned alongside a walkway facing the shop floor and pre-production. The third wing is separated from the other two and contains the printery dispatch as well as some two-layer company units used by others.

Despite the simplicity in design and materialization, the building emanates a high degree of natural quality and even allure. These mainly result from a well considered and refined detailing. The façades are mounted directly to the steel stability structure and are vertically articulated by means of alternating glass and matte black strips, the latter of which are provided with a delicate profiling. The module size of the articulation is based on the width of the steel sandwich panels reaching from bottom to top. The glazing is provided with also matte black ventilation flaps and an intermediate rail at the height of the second floor field. For the mounting of the façade system, special attachment and corner profiles have been developed. Hence, the glass strips, the sandwich panels and the corner finishing are entirely in the same vertical surface on every side of the building. The especially designed attachment profiles have also strongly accelerated the construction pace.

The roof consists of panels as well. These are connected to the steel construction and thus have a function within the overall stability structure, consequently doing away with the need for extra balance facilities.  The skin of the construction has a high insulation value and the concrete floors are thermally activated by means of an integrated water network that keeps their temperature constant. Ventilation, recirculation and a heat pump connected with the groundwater importantly add to the further, sustainable climate control. In case of high heat loads in connection with the printing presses, convectors with cold water provide extra cooling.

oostzaan / the netherlands

van wijk printery