de aker bridges

For the De Aker residential area abundant in water, a total of eighteen pedestrian and bicycle bridges across ditches, canals, reed fringes, shallow pools, and swampy grounds were needed. The great variation in length, width and height induced cepezed to develop an industrial construction system consisting of a limited number of modules. This enabled efficiency in all situations and, despite the great differences in size, a uniform and straightforward picture could be created. Made of the same prefab standard components, the bridges vary in length from 10 to 120 metres. In width, they vary from 2 to 5 metres, while the height ranges from a few dozen centimetres to several metres. The bridge decks are made of five-metre-long wooden beams coupled in a finger-joined configuration at the extremities. The spaces between the beams are filled by non-loadbearing pressed profile gratings that also function as a slip-resistant surface. Grating slats have also been used for the parapets. The bridges are supported by galvanised stainless-steel tubular columns, while the bearing consists of cast concrete units on wooden poles.
amsterdam / netherlands

osdorp district, amsterdam