netherlands consulate, munich, germany

The assignment entailed designing an efficient inner area with an open, hospitable and representative ambience in which the consular requirements of security and confidentiality had to be taken into account. In addition, the interior layout had to have a dignified allure without being too dominant. By applying light colours and materials, an interior could be created that offers a surprising contrast with the rather trivial and nondescript architecture of the collective office building in which the consulate is lodged. Prior to the renovation, the corridor area was a dark, indefinable zone. Now, large frosted-glass sliding panels provide a sense of spaciousness. The offices can be linked by opening these panels, enabling spatial variation and the creation of long sightlines. Good insulation of the panels ensures privacy and confidentiality in a closed position. The cabling for communications and electricity has been installed in the gleaming white polyurethane floors and is accessible via floor pots. Carpets ensure good acoustics and a comfortable atmosphere in the working areas.
munich-neuhausen / germany

ministry of foreign affairs, the hague