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The Veilingweg complex next to the A20 motorway in Rotterdam has been in use by the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police for years and years and has recently undergone a major renovation, modernization and expansion. The complex does not have a public function, but among other functions houses offices, archive and storage areas, a large company restaurant and an auditorium. It also accommodates garaging and workshops for the fleet of vehicles, and sports and training centres for both theoretical and practical professional competencies.

For the redevelopment, a lot of attention has been paid to sustainability on various fronts. Considerable use has been made of existing qualities, the buildings have a flexible internal layout and expansion possibilities, while stacking and multiple ground use has made it possible to create extra green zones on the site. Because the renewed complex has been designed as compactly as possible and the former fragmentation of functions has been eliminated, the circulation routes are as efficient as can be. The well-considered sight lines and the inclusion of a clear and straightforward transport artery have generated good orientation possibilities.

In functional terms, the more confidential zones within the building have been grouped together and are appropriately screened from the more public functions such as the restaurant and the auditorium. The stairs have been installed at a position that invites use, to avoid easy reliance on the lifts. Climate control is divided into zones according to the function of the location. This makes a considerable difference in the specific need for technical installations and corresponding energy consumption, maintenance and operational costs. Many of the technical installations are accommodated in a separate volume on the east side of the complex, so that they cause little obstruction. Fire walls and security limits are combined wherever possible, which has spatial advantages and means that double use of materials is not necessary. Large roofing elements, which can be installed in one go, including the interior and exterior finishing, have been used for parts of the building.

Much of the outdoor terrain is only semiasphalted, which assists in the drainage of the complex. The former white tower has been completely renovated and has an entirely glazed façade on the motorway side. This not only allows an abundance of natural light to enter the building, it provides a good view of the activities inside, unlike the rest of the complex, which appears fairly closed. An enormous spiral staircase that connects the floors is also very apparent.

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