semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses on the south edge of Delft, primarily oriented to maximum spaciousness. To create as much volume as possible, the building is completely rectangular and as high as is allowed. Inside, all the spaces have been organized around a diagonally situated service block containing the facilities and wet cells on all three floors. As a consequence, sightlines are long and the rooms appear larger than they actually are. Various vides inserted in the upper floors, and the façades and interior partitions, which are largely implemented in glass, contribute to an unprecedented feeling of spaciousness, certainly in combination with the view that stretches out tens of kilometres. The technology and materialization are also distinctive. Partly inspired by other branches in which lightweight construction is of great importance, various components were used in housing construction here for the first time. Furthermore, a characteristic feature is the four-metre-wide sliding fronts that connect to one another without an intermediate post on the south corners of the house.
delft / the netherlands

the pesman and van seijen families, delft