villa beckius, rameldange, luxembourg

Elegant villa, realized at a very meagre cost and with a minimum of material. The enchanting site has a considerable variation in height and offers a magnificent view out across the valley. Partly-sunken concrete foundations that include a cellar form the basis. The construction itself consists of a skeleton of thermogalvanized, hot-rolled steel profiles. To engage the house in the surrounding nature as much as possible, most of the façades are made of glass. For the street front, however, sandwich panels have been used to provide more seclusion. The entrance is is located on the first floor where the bedrooms and bathroom lie on a gallery along the side of the building. The living room with a garden terrace lies on the south side and occupies both storeys. The west side, which also receives a great deal of sun, is equipped with an aluminium-slat screen that ensures privacy and security. Although this modern villa contrasts starkly with the traditional construction in the vicinity, its minimalism allows it to blend naturally with its environment. It almost seems to issue from the landscape itself.
rameldange / luxembourg

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