innovationszentrum, berlin-adlershof, germany

This innovation centre is a collective building for young companies in the IT sector, constructed on an unfavourably- formed parcel with a maximum prescribed height of six storeys. To pleasantly accommodate the considerable programme, cepezed came up with the surprising solution of only using a part of the parcel and building higher than was actually allowed. However, the first four floors were largely opened up to the outer world and implemented in glass. As a result, a transparent urban inner space was created with exactly the same height as the building opposite. Despite the increased total height, the design harmonizes excellently with the rather closed construction in the surroundings. The Centre offers a playful, varied and impressive spatial experience. It is divided longitudinally by a five-metre-wide atrium with a transparent roof that allows an abundance of light into the building. ‘Floating islands’ in the central hall function as a social meeting place to stimulate synergy between the various IT firms. The office spaces have a flexible layout.
berlin-adlershof / germany

wista management gmbh, berlin