Multifunctional swimming pool in Purmerend, with six different pools and a great lucidity of concept, elaboration, and materialization. The building lies on an island in the local Leeghwater Park, and for that reason it was designed as a light and transparent pavilion, giving rise to the idea of an open spot in the woods with a lake. The complex accommodates an eight-lane competition pool, an instruction pool, a pool specifically for the elderly and the handicapped, and a recreation pool designed as a water playground with a super wildwater creek, a waterfall shower, and a division into seventeen adventure islands. Outside, there is another pool connected to the recreation pool inside, as well as a playpond for the very youngest. The pools are grouped around a four-storey core containing facilities for water purification and air-conditioning, dressing rooms, and a catering sales point. An enormous glass front in the entrance hall gives visitors a wonderful view of the underwater world of the competition pool, whose plateau is three and a half metres above ground level.
purmerend / the netherlands

municipality of purmerend