sports park ressen

Club building for a hockey club and a clubhouse with an elevated grandstand for a football club. The building for the hockey club covers 390 m² and is situated between two hockey pitches, facing the main pitch. The football club building covers more than 930 m² and stands along the touchline of the main pitch. Both buildings have been designed and materialized in the same manner, and contain dressing rooms, maintenance rooms, meeting rooms, and an informal meeting area. A modular construction system was applied, related to the system used to create the PTT Post distribution centres. The façades consist of alternating open and closed sections with consistently equal dimensions. The closed surfaces have been finished with horizontal wooden panels, while the transparent surfaces consist of a storey-high glass façade fronted by wooden slats that function as sunblinds and ball guards. The buildings have been placed on elevated terraces that form a continuation of the informal meeting areas through the glass fronts. The grandstand has a wide overhang to prevent nuisance from the sun, and is closed at the sides and back to resist the wind.
bemmel / the netherlands

municipality of lingewaard, bemmel