race planet

The first building ever to be specifically designed as an indoor go-kart track. It contains four stacked tracks that collectively form the longest indoor go-kart circuit in Europe. The structure and elaboration of the building shine in their simplicity. The tracks are accommodated in a completely transparent box within which a separate volume for catering and offices has been placed. The catering part is situated on all four levels and contains bars and an à la kart restaurant, among other things. Large glass sliding fronts offer a splendid view of the racetracks. The catering and offices are accessible via a glass lift and a staircase, and are heated by a combination of convection and underfloor heating. The warmed air of this volume is blown across the go-kart tracks which are further unheated and not insulated. The removal of exhaust fumes takes place by means of mechanical ventilation and via the façades which are partly self-ventilating. The glass façades allow the full incidence of natural light and also connect the racetracks to the dynamics of the adjoining motorway.
delft / the netherlands

sunergy innoplan bv, rotterdam