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The Textile Museum in Tilburg is one of the few working Dutch museums ‘in operation’. When the organization concluded that there was an image problem and also wished to grow further to become the knowledge and expertise institute in the field of textiles, it asked cepezed to draw up a plan for expansion and renovation. The completion attracted considerable public attention and put the museum firmly back on the map. The renovation of the historic textile factory that houses the museum was characterized by restraint. cepezed took as its starting point the power of the original and the retention of all the distinctive and characteristic elements. The interventions were mainly focused on the building physics, good logistics, the introduction of a number of facilities and fitting in several new functions, including a foyer and museum shop, in the old damask weaving mill. The expansion had to provide a number of new functions and also give the museum a recognizable appearance. To achieve these aims, cepezed did not go for an addition in the style of the existing building, but instead chose explicitly for a modern construction that contrasts sharply with the original properties. Strategically positioned at the head of the complex, a striking, abstract and almost scale-free glass building has risen, with a prominent steel construction that has been left completely visible. Inside, a second, smaller volume for gatherings, meetings and educational purposes appears to be almost freely suspended in the space. Behind the weaving mill, cepezed also realized a depository for the Regional Archive, with which the Textile Museum has by now merged. This building component also has an abstract appearance and forms a completely closed volume that stands like a treasure chest on steel portals above a historic exhibition building. In the refined detailing of the new-build components, cepezed is using modern means to reflect the craftsmanship with which the existing buildings wasere constructed. In addition, by means of textile applications in, for instance, the ceilings and installation facilities, the bureau makes multiple references to the textile background of the museum complex.


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municipality of tilburg/audax textielmuseum, tilburg