rietveld house + studio

Controversial combination of existing and new construction on the Rietveld, a small canal in Delft. The project combines the complete dismantling and reconstruction of a monumental 16th-century building with adjoining new construction. The new and existing volumes jointly generate a stimulating field of tension and form the living and working area of a couple with their own graphic design firm. The monument and new part are linked by means of a central open staircase and a connecting zone made entirely of hard glass, which also functions as the entrance. The configuration is organized horizontally: the business functions are located at ground level, the residential functions are on the first and second floor. After dismantling, the monument was rebuilt with its own authentic materials, while the new construction was largely implemented in steel and glass. As a result of the careful attunement of scale, dimension, rhythm and finishing, the new construction fits in well with the tranquil and pleasant ambience of the historical inner city.
delft / the netherlands

petr van blokland and claudia mens, delft