Complete restructuring, restoration, and extension of what was once the largest livestock market hall in Europe but now functions as a complex for trade fairs, congresses, and events. 8,500 m² of the existing hall area were demolished to make way for new construction that eventually covered more than 15,000 m² and was built in a record time of only six months with the use of prefab elements. To harmonize the large scale of the new construction with that of the original buildings, the new halls are sober and austere, and have been realized with few special details. Thus they form a neutral but chic backdrop for the richly detailed original halls which also form a gradual scale transition to the surrounding residential area. The simple design of the new construction guarantees maximum functionality, leaving the decor entirely to the users. Of the original halls, around 8,000 m² have been comprehensively renovated. The routing and connection between the halls were substantially improved.
's-hertogenbosch / the netherlands

maatschappij tot exploitatie van industriegebouwen, 's-hertogenbosch