An exhibition showcase for a 17th-century shipwreck of the pinas type on the former naval shipyard of Willemsoord in Den Helder. The pavilion is situated between two historical buildings dating from 1825. It is made completely of glass and is artificially illuminated in the evenings so that the ship is visible from all angles day and night. The ship lies in a concrete foundation container filled with gravel on which glass bearing walls without standards have been placed. These walls are propped up by glass supporting ribs which are fixed to the edge of the foundation by means of corner brackets. The vertical seams between the glass façades and the supporting ribs have been sealed. At the bottom and the top, the glass terminates in steel U-profiles that also function as ring beams and thus have a constructive purpose. The roof consists of a light metal space frame filled with synthetic aircushions. It can be installed and removed as one unit, so that in the future other objects can also be exhibited in the showcase.
den helder / the netherlands

ontwikkelings- en exploitatiemaatschappij willemsoord bv, den helder