office building phoenixstraat

A strikingly modern office building on the fringes of the historical inner city of Delft. The office has been reduced to its essentials while simultaneously displaying a high-quality, representative allure. It has a lightweight steel construction, the side façades consist of insulated sandwich plates, while the front and rear are made entirely of glass sliding panels. The front façade is equipped with a wind, light and sound-proof screen that simultaneously generates an optical link with the surrounding historical construction. A service zone with the lift, staircase, a kitchen, toilet, and technical installations has been positioned on each floor along the north-west side façade. The rest of the office consists of floor area that can be freely partitioned according to the wishes of the user. The light, self-developed Integrated Deck Extra Space (IDES) floors are not only so thin that an extra storey could be implemented within the construction height regulations, they also accommodate fire and sound insulation as well as all the pipes and ducts of the electrical, data and installation systems.
delft / the netherlands

cepezed architects, delft