motorway gantries

Stylish and integrated alternative for the existing gantries for traffic signs above the motorway. In the existing configuration, the signage hangs at a rather uncomfortable angle on a triangular steel frame while the addition of small signs for road numbers, for example, gives a somewhat untidy impression. Moreover, the ever-increasing intensity of traffic obstructs the maintenance of the signs. cepezed thought up a frame with slender standards and a closed hollow aluminium truss. This can accommodate the road numbers, the electronic signs, and the necessary cables. The frame provides a tranquil, aesthetic image and reinforces the relationship between the road and the signage. It can be accessed from both the inside and above, thus facilitating maintenance and ensuring that traffic does not need to be rerouted when work is taking place. The frame is two metres high and one metre wide at the top. The rounding at the bottom gives it an elegant appearance. The 5 mm aluminium plating is equipped with creased partitions that make it completely rigid. Due to the slender standards, the frame seems to float above the road. Austere finishing with few seams ensures that the frames themselves are easily cleaned.