masts for mobile phones

Integrated alternative for the traditional transmission units with separate equipment housing. The masts consist of a triangular steel frame construction covered with semi-transparent, double-walled and bowl-shaped synthetic panels that conceal the antennas and the construction without impeding the transmission capacity. In addition, the panels reduce and stabilize the total wind pressure, regardless of the volume of equipment and cables. As a consequence, the masts can not only accommodate more antennas, they can also be installed using lighter mountings so that a more economic structure is possible. The panels require little maintenance, are recyclable, and do away with the necessity for periodic painting of the structure. The equipment casing is not accommodated in a separate construction at the foot of the mast but in a cellar area integrated in the foundation of the mast. Access is gained via a door in the panel cladding, which is made of aluminium for the first few metres. In conjunction, the cellar and panel cladding dispense with the need for a protective fence.
the netherlands and belgium

kpn, the hague