rev'it sport

REV'IT SPORT is a renowned brand in the field of innovative motorcycle clothing. Owner Ivan Vos was proclaimed entrepreneur of the year in 2017. With the growth that the trendsetting company is experiencing in sales and brand awareness, REV'IT was looking for a new head office that fits its image and business. cepezed obtained the contract for the new building design including a showroom, design center and central warehouse at the Vorstengrafdonk industrial park in Oss.
cepezed chose a strategic position on the plot for the architectural design that contributes to an optimal visibility from the motorway, a functional and attractive forecourt as well as substantial space for future expansion.
The new building consists of two elongated building strips with partly full glass façades in a deep black frame, which are connected by means of a central light street. The warehouse covers the better part of the building volume. The expedition zone and the workshops are located in front of this. The head of the building contains the representative functions: the main entrance, the showroom and the restaurant on the ground floor, the creative departments on the first floor and above that the supporting office departments. In addition to the central light street, this part of the building has two voids along the transparent facades; these three open zones jointly connect the floors and departments, and contain walkways, meeting and meeting islands.
In the entrance hall you will find the hospitality desk that merges into the main staircase like a three-dimensional runner with a meeting place on each floor including an integral pantry. The voids provide long sightlines and physical links in order to contribute to a good orientation for visitors and interaction between employees. The view from the showroom to the test laboratory gives guests a glimpse into the kitchen of REV'IT SPORT.
Architecturally, the two beeches consist of a steel main support construction filled with concrete TT-floor parts that span the beech size of 16.20m at once and thus create freely subdivisible floor areas. The TT-floors deliver a robust graphical rhythm on which all further infills have been based. The look and feel of the new head office seamlessly fits with the DNA of REV'IT !: Innovative, tough, designed to last detail and reduced to the essentials. The architecture and the interior design are characterized by minimal material use, careful detailing and a high quality finish with a high IQ / kg.


rev'it sport