koning willem 1 college

The Koning Willem I College (KW1C) is a centre for intermediate vocational education with two locations in Den Bosch. The technical departments are located on a campus at the Onderwijsboulevard. This consists of a combination of introvert, partly detached buildings without a clear identity to its surroundings or a representative main entrance. The complex is perceived as a maze, there is little mutual interaction among the various disciplines and there is a need for more space. The design of cepezed is aimed at a stronger identity and recognisability, more unity and interaction as well as distinct internal routings.

An important intervention is the realization of an inviting new entrance building. In the plan this is provided with a large, transparent awning that connects the building strongly to the forecourt and also marks the new main entrance. The KW1C gets a prominent face at the Onderwijsboulevard.

The open space between the existing building components is covered in the plan and forms a large atrium in the new situation, including the canteen and a study square. The various disciplines are located around this atrium, so it literally functions as the heart of the new school. This creates self-evident interaction between the courses, while they all retain their own identity. To open up the various fields of study, there is also a clear, unambiguous movement area around the atrium with overview and orientation possibilities, which is directly linked to the entry and the entrance building.

An important element in achieving more unity is also the floor design on the entire campus. The design of the forecourt and the outdoor spaces on the one hand and the floors within the school on the other hand are closely interwoven, thus creating one large carpet.

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koning willem 1 college