The new head office of Vietnam’s largest bank, 150 metres tall and planned to have a gross floor area of more than 77,000 m². The design is another good example of how exceptional distinction can be assigned to a building by means of simple interventions to an uncomplicated structure. The ground plan is formed by two rectangular compartments, almost fifty metres long, that have been mutually positioned at an angle of 38 degrees at a slight distance from one another, and which turn toward one another as they extend upwards. Accordingly, a building profile with a slight twirl is created. Between the blocks, the floors continue onward to cover the intervening space that becomes narrower as the building stretches upwards. This zone is sealed off by a sloping glass façade that encloses the entire height of the building. The first four storeys have been reserved for a spectacular bank hall with a depth of more than twenty metres. The top storey is twice normal height and accommodates a conference centre. The top floor also has roof gardens with a magnificent view out across the city.
ho chi minh city / vietnam

vbb joint venture company ltd, ho chi minh city