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lot 4/5

An urban ecosystem at Stadswerf Oostenburg 

The Stadswerf Oostenburg is located on an island in historic Amsterdam and originally was a mooring for VOC ships. In later years, the site housed various industrial functions. It is currently being transformed into a compact, lively residential and working area with a solid, unfussy and high-density architecture rich in contrast.

cepezed collaborated with Vink Bouw, Smit’s Bouwbedrijf, OPEN Development, Kollhoff&Pols architecten and Buro Sant en Co and made the plan Robuust for lot 4/5, consisting of a construction block along the VOC-kade (quay), a construction block along the Oostenburgermiddenstraat and a large courtyard in between. Every building within the blocks has its own identity, with a varied range of homes and workplaces as a result. The garden or ‘binnenwerf’ is not only accessible to residents of Robuust but also to its neighbours.  

Along the street and quay the buildings are positioned stand directly next to each other and on the building line, but they differ in width and height. This contributes to an urban atmosphere and reflects the original industrial character of the location. On the side of the inner yard, the buildings vary in depth, thus adding to a more playful atmosphere. The garden forms a peaceful meeting place for young and old and is a climate-adaptive ecosystem with a great biodiversity due to the green layout. 

Robuust was designed with an eye on the future. For example, there was a strong focus on low-maintenance materialization and the possibility to easily adapt the buildings to changing needs and circumstances of (future) residents. Thus, new ways of living and using spaces are always possible. The structure and spatial layout of the plan were also developed to stimulate encounters between residents and neighbours. This focus on creating a close community significantly contributes to social sustainability. 


open development, vink bouw, smit's bouwbedrijf bv

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