lan handling technologies

Lan Handling Technologies develops, produces and assembles handling systems for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The internationally operating company has its head quarters in Tilburg. The strong international growth made it necessary to look for a new accommodation for the head office.
cepezed obtained the contract to design a new building, which houses the production hall and the office under one roof, on a new building plot in Berkel-Enschot. Lan Handling also asked cepezed to create a building that supports and endorses their business mentality; one transparent building with one atmosphere in which the distinction between the office and the production hall is minimized.
The triangular contour of the approximately 11,000 square meters plot is one of the starting points for the architectural design. In order to accommodate the desired production hall on the lot, it was decided to divide the hall into four parallel production lines, each with a different length. The slanting sides of each production line form the expedition entrances and thus contribute to the characteristic main shape of the building. Around the production hall is the expedition route, with attached the parking location for both visitors and staff.
The office area is the fifth building nave that follows the rhythm of the production hall and functions as the representative head of the new building. The office volume is divided into two zones. On the southeast side is a utility strip where, among other things, the conference and meeting rooms are located as well as all non-daylight facilities, such as technical rooms and toilets.
A spacious, daylight-rich atrium connects the office floors functionally and visually. The open office areas are located on the northwest side of the office volume. These open work areas overlook the production hall, the atrium and the meeting rooms and in this way have a visual connection with all facets of the company.


lan handling technologies