bus station tilburg

cepezed has made the design for the new bus station on the south side of train station Tilburg at the current location of the residential building Tilburion. Earlier, cepezed started the redesign of the public transport hub Tilburg with a new underground passage to the platforms, renovation of the station hall and two new bicycle sheds. The circular form of the bus station start of narrow near the station entrance and widens to the West. At both long sides of the station bus stops will be realised, will a multifunctional pavilion arises within the circular route. The pavilion will get an inviting transparent facade facing the station which can be folded open for the larger part. The building includes a rest and lunch area for bus drivers, an Arriva information point and the possibility for a catering kiosk. Green areas will be realized in the inner circle of the platforms.

On the platform, a concrete plinth marks the transition between the walking path and the green zones. The plinth functions in its entirety as a seating element and will get a few steel benches with integrated heating. In the columns supporting the platform hood, facilities such as rainwater drainage are included while digital information signs are integrated on the columns. The canopy covers the entire platform and the larger part of the bus, contributing to a comfortabel dry entry to the busses. The lighting of the platform is incorporated in the canopy, where it is evenly distributed and shielded at the bottom with translucent EFTE over the full width of the canopy. As a result, passengers experience the canopy as one light source with a pleasant diffusion of light. This contributes to the safety at the bus station. At the end of the canopy loading systems are included to recharge electric buses. Solar panels have been placed on top of the canopy with sufficient capacity to operate the pavilion and the entire canopy lighting at the platform as energy neutral buildings.

tilburg / the netherlands

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