't eemgoed

Village-estate 't Eemgoed is a sustainable initiative to realize 84 houses in Oosterwold, an area of 4.300 hectares between Almere and Zeewolde adjacent to the Gooimeer. 't Eemgoed has an area of 7 hectares and contains around 1,000 m² of shared facilities such as nature, (kitchen) gardens, fruit gardens, playgrounds and animal meadows.

Initiator of 't Eemgoed is social developer 2OPEN. Together with property developer cepezedprojects they take care of the realization. cepezed architects has been asked for the design of the houses and the integration within the master plan of karres+brands. This plan states 'to live on 't Eemgoed means living in a small green village estate while at the same time feeling connected with mother earth and eachother'. The design of the houses makes as much use as possible of the existing qualities in the present green landscape, the rotation of the sun and the old Eem Valley, which forms the North-East border of the estate and will be restored by the State Forestry.

't Eemgoed offers homes in seven different widths, all of which are grounded. Different homes are linked to each other by analogy of the longhouse and share the upper grass roof which rises from the landscape. Future residents have a broad say in the layout of their homes. Recently, they discussed with much enthusiasm in several workshops with cepezed's architects their wishes for their homes, the landscape and the common facilities.

The construction of 't Eemgoed will begin in mid-2018. More information about the project can be found on the website of 't Eemgoed.

oosterwold / the netherlands

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