hogeschool leiden

Former laboratories based on the same concept for pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies situated on the Bio Science Park in Leiden. The labs consist of two elongated segments, which can be freely partitioned, joined by a central section that functions as an atrium and entrance hall. The transparent side walls of the building blocks thus created are flanked by screens of perforated steel plating at a distance of two metres. On the outside, the buildings are thus largely hidden from view, whereas, on the inside, there is a remarkably open and light ambience. The screens also have other functions though. They enable the buildings to harmonize with the scale of the surrounding construction, and serve as a windbreak, so that the glass sliding panels can be opened to allow natural ventilation into the building without there being too much trouble from the wind. Due to a buffer effect, the screens reduce the loss of warmth from the building in the winter. In the summer, they catch much sunlight, so that it remains pleasantly cool inside, despite high temperatures.
leiden / the netherlands

chrd / genencor, leiden