wolfert lansing

Wolfert Lansing is a school for vmbo green-education, a bilingual mavo and havo high school where personal attention and coaching are paramount. To guarantee the high level of education with the growing number of students Wolfert currently is developing a new building on the adjacent plot, by design of cepezed.
The school is located in an area which is characterized by stark building volumes loosely but coherently embedded in a landscaped strip. At the southern end of this strip, viewing the town hall, the new school building is placed prominently on a slightly elevated lot. The passage of the water side along the northeast side increases the autonomous character of the volume. The other building sides are bordered by the inviting square in front of the town hall, a large school square on the side of the new residential area and parking on the northwest side.
In the transparent high plinth a number of practice and school rooms are a showcase for Wolfert’s culture and dynamics.  An elongated canopy on the school square forms a break-out for the adjacent rooms. The two upper floors exist alternately of band-windows and Corten-steel. The deep brown-orange-red rust color and the powdery surface of this material correspond to the city’s image quality plans, seek connection with the adjacent buildings and fit in with the tough industrial character desired for the interior. For the construction, an innovative concrete building system is used that guarantees precise and efficient assembly with prefabricated columns and floorboards. Partly due to this constructive structure as well as the sophisticated building layout and routing, future extensions are easily executable.
The two courses have their own entrance, showing the clear programmatic distinction between them. Between the two entrances there is a brasserie with an inviting terrace in the front. Within the compact building volume, spatial quality is ensured by, among other things, ample daylight, long sight lines and a central atrium. The latter embodies Wolfert's dynamic heart and has features like the practice square and two large sloping tribunes. In a huge display cabinet along the slanted sides and over the full height of three layers, students can display their work and show what they do. The open structure keeps the line of sight and daylight penetration intact. In keeping with the type of education, the interior has a robust, functional and industrial atmosphere and aesthetics using concrete for the construction and wood for, among other elements, the large staircase.


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