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Due to the growing number of passengers, Schiphol airport is reinforcing its infrastructure. The first major project is a new pier, which cepezed and cepezedinterior designed as part of a total engineering team contracted by international engineering firm AECOM.

Partly because it functions as a mini-terminal, including border controls and security checks, the pier is extremely complex in many respects. One crucial factor here is the logistics with more than 20 types of passenger flows for arrivals, departures and transfers within three control and security regimes. In addition, aircraft of different sizes and capacities make use of the same gatehouses which in turn are directly connected to the various control and security regimes: a solution that is unique to Schiphol and rare in international aviation.

Another factor is the large number of stakeholders such as the operations, consumers and asset management departments of Schiphol itself, but naturally also parties such as the airlines, military constabulary, customs and government authorities. Furthermore, the design had to be completed in only a year and be capable of being built quickly. The design already anticipates two subsequent phases. 

The passengers, however, are not aware of all this complexity. For optimum comfort, the focus is on a high level of processing efficiency and quality of experience. The three-layer pier has partly been designed as an attractive place to linger with a wide range of facilities such as shops, restaurants and a great variety of seats and places to wait. In addition, the latter do not belong to a specific gate; travellers can choose themselves where they prefer to sit. The new pier is open and transparent, and includes large-scale voids that provide a strong connection between the different floors and are arranged with green plants growing up to the highest level. The interior incorporates art and Dutch design classics.

The pier is being awarded the international sustainability label LEED Gold. The sustainability aspects include the modular construction and the application of materials. For instance, the floor finishes are bamboo or lightweight composite on the basis of marble debris, while ceilings are made of recycled plastic. The façades are highly insulating and climate-adaptive. The roofs of the pier and gatehouses incorporate solar panels.

The design for the new pier was finished by the end of 2017 and the construction is started in 2018. The completion is planned for December 2020. 

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