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cepezed and cepezedinterior are part of the international and integral design team coordinated by AECOM that designs the new Schiphol pier. The consulting engineers of IMd and dGmR as well as the landscaping firm Copijn are also included in the team. Jointly, the team members will provide the full design of the new pier and its corresponding airside facilities.

Schiphol’s choice is based on the presented combinations of architectural vision, project approach and price. Among other things, the AECOM-team offered the right mixture of relevant Dutch know-how and international experience in aviation, architecture, interior design and sustainability.

In order to maintain and develop its position as ‘preferred airport’, Schiphol anticipates on an increasing number of passengers and flights with the new pier. The airport’s strategy for the future also includes the realization of a new terminal, adjustments to the (parking) infrastructure on the landside as well as improvements of the train and bus stations.

The new pier provides Schiphol with eight new gates: five for narrow-body aircrafts on the north side and three for wide-body planes on the south side, which can also be used for six narrow-bodies. Later, two extra gates for wide-bodies will be realized on the south side.

About it’s sustainability ambition, the airport says, "Schiphol wants to be the most sustainable airport, and for the design of the new pier, we also take this goal on board. The new pier must meet the LEED standard: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. We want to meet the gold status of this sustainability qualification. But we wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we didn't aim higher: the AECOM Team is doing its best to get the platinum status with the new pier. If that comes true, the pier is the first airport building in the world that achieves such a sustainability certificate!".

The design for the new pier was finished by the end of 2017 and the construction is started in 2018. The completion is planned for December 2020. 

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