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cepezed designed, commissioned by the central government real estate agency, the expansion of the Customs Port of Rotterdam, location Maasvlakte. For the occupants of the building, Customs and the Tax authority, the extension of the central government inspection terminal (CGIT) aims to cope with the increasing goods volume in the port of Rotterdam.
Two new buildings have been added at the location; A Customs Inspection Hall (CIH) directly next to the existing building and a separate hall on the same premises for the accommodation of a dog training centre and a worldwide unique practice training centre. In the latter centre, real-life situations are simulated and equipped with state-of-the-art training techniques to ensure excellent training facilities for inspectors, customs officers and guidance dogs. Both new halls have a steel facade with a horizontal profile in graphite black, which creates a high contrasts with the existing grey and green low and high-rise buildings in a further grey environment. For the facade cladding, cepezed previously developed a prefabricated profile to create a continuous image at corners, without contrasting seam. This solution has also been applied at the CGIT. The CIH is provided with ten loading and unloading docks and a large internal capacity for carrying out inspection work. The hall for practice and dog training is equipped with a uninterrupted glass strip crossing the full length of the ceiling. The hall is situated partly behind a surrounding green dike that functions as a noise barrier for the animals. Both the training centre and the CIH are internally divided into zones to provide a solution for the complex internal flow of goods flows, the inspection work to be carried out and safety requirements for employees and animals. The integral design team, including Hosper Landscape Architecture, also redesigned the complex logistic flows on the terrain. During the realisation of the entire project, inspections continued in accordance with the requirements of the Customs authority.
The official opening of the new CGIT took place beginning of April 2018. The complex provides the Customs and the Tax authority with the opportunity to collaborate intensively with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The new terminal creates a one-stop-shop where combined checks are carried out by these various services.

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