police services center zwolle

Within the context of the reorganisation of the Dutch National Police the organisation realised the three new Police Services Centers (Politiedienstencentra in Dutch, and PDC in short) in Eindhoven, Zwolle and Rotterdam in 2017; each designed by cepezedinterior. All of the new PDC’s are housed in existing office buildings which have been, with the interior-fit designed by cepezedinterior, transformed into modern, pleasant and representative work environments for the above named services.

After PDC Eindhoven the branch in Zwolle is the second facility center in which parts of the support services of the Dutch Police are concentrated at one central location. These support services include amongst others facility management, HRM, finance and communications. Also at the PDC Zwolle the layout and interior are based on the New Way of Work and comprise a large variety of work, conference and meeting spaces and places. Spread out over several stories and keeping the qualities of the existing building the design focusses on creating different zones, ranging from the entrance on the department floor to concentration spots and from lively activity to silence. Good orientation and the recognizable identity of the different departments are backed by a bold and crystal clear use of materials, colours and graphic design.

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