gienah tower

Design for a more than 250,000 sqm tower intended for multifunctional use in the United Arab Emirates. The building includes housing, offices, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and sky bars.

The tower consists of two capped and curved volumes with a tapering strip of open space in between that achieves an atrium on an immense scale. At the top of the atrium at a height of 250 metres, there is a swimming pool with a glass bottom. The panorama lifts are also situated in the atrium and look out over the atrium itself and the surroundings of the building.

In the façade planes along the sides of the atrium there are high voids with special functions such as restaurants, terraces and green zones. The voids command a spectacular view of the building's interior and exterior space and the green zones play an important role in climate control.

A large part of the tower has been elevated, so there is space underneath for a covered marina and the entrances to the complex are located in a pleasant shaded area. A private lift has been included for the connection between the car park, the marina and the owner's private apartments.

The sandwich panels in the façade have been mounted at an angle and equipped with reflective strips. This means that the sunlight cannot shine directly into the interior spaces and warm them, while it’s still possible to make optimum use of the daylight and the best possible view of the surroundings is created. In the evening, the strips reflect the artificial lighting inside, so that the building lights up its own façade.

The name ‘Gienah’ is derived from the Arabic ‘Al Janah’ and means ‘the wing’. Gienah is also an especially bright star within the heavenly constellations as drawn up by Ptolemy.

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