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As one of the most important fair- and conference centres in the Netherlands MECC Maastricht (Maastricht Exposition & Congres Centre) is assured of an excellent international position, among other things because of its strategic position within the triangle Netherlands- Belgium-Germany. At MECC over 200 (international) fairs, conferences and events are organized on yearly basis, such as the TEFAF Maastricht art fair, Jumping Indoor Maastricht en InterClassics Maastricht. The centre delivers great economic value to the city of Maastricht and the region. To maintain its good reputation and competitive position MECC will undergo a thorough redevelopment by design of cepezed in the coming years. In the modernization and extension of the complex functionality, efficiency, optimized routing and sustainability are leading themes. The new Brightlands Meeting Point will constitute an important expansion of the Expo foyer, the meeting and conference facilities as well as the hospitality function on the Forum Square. Other areas in the redevelopment encompass the renewal of the conference centre including both auditoria, the revitalization of the Forum Passage and entrance zone, the upgrading of the parking lots P3 & P4 and the improvement of the wayfinding. The project is based upon a total engineering contract. The design team members are cepezed for architecture and interior design, IMd for structural engineering, Nelissen for M&E, DGMR for building physics and sustainablility and Theateradvies for theater techniques. Construction will start mid-2017 with the upgrading of the parking areas and is planned to be ready by march 2018. The other parts will be built in phases up to 2020.

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