technova college

Technova College in Ede provides education in the domains of Technique & Technology, Media & ICT and Sound & Vision for the Regional Education Centre ROC A12. The new Technova College designed by cepezed will be a transparent building with a modern workshop where practical vocational education and enterprise will meet. Team Technova, a consortium initiated by companies from the town of Ede, will realize the building in commission of the Christelijke Onderwijs Groep (COG).
COG is very content with the design. “We wanted a building which empowers great education. With this design we will create and innovative and enjoyable learning environment or all our technical students. We aspire students to aim for the best and this calls for an innovative and modern educational building,” according to Toine Schinkel, member of the board of directors of COG. The new Technova College in Ede should be a showcase towards its neighbourhood. The ground floor contains the workshops. The transparent plinth offers a direct view of the student activity inside. Also a college theatre is planned. The building is energy efficient and uses the energy from the nearby biomass plant in Ede.
Consortium Team techINnova is an initiative of three local contractors in Ede: Kreeft bv, ITN Installatietechniek and Bruil bouw. cepezed is responsible for the architectural and interior design. Construction is in full swing and students and teachers can use the new premises starting September 2018.

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