shell headquarters the hague

Design for the redevelopment of the Shell headquarters campus in. The restructuring of the campus and the design for a new Commons building are aimed directly at creating a greater sense of unity and relation: between the various buildings, between the buildings and the campus, between the campus and the neighbourhood and city, between the staff members of Shell and between the Shell and its local, national and global stakeholders. Following an integral approach in which each decision is based on numerous considerations, the design team of cepezed has optimally charged the design with employee value, business value, financial value and functional effectiveness.

The design for the new Commons building is contemporary, state of the art and technologically advanced. Additionally, it is spatially intriguing, engaging, fit for flexible and efficient multi-purpose as well as healthy, convenient and highly sustainable. It emanates a strongly identity-invested ambience while it is also based on a cost-efficient, thoroughly rational and systematic setup allowing easy alterations and/or expansion during its life span.
The new Commons building is an essential part to fulfil the company’s future-oriented corporate and global goals and will contain among other functions the company restaurant, fitness & health functions, a learning centre and numerous of other shared facilities.

the hague