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cepezed was invited by the Chinese developer Winland Real Estate Group to take part in a closed international architecture competition for a multifunctional complex in the city of Hangzhou. The competition’s location lies nearby the Grand Canal, that connects Hangzhou with Beijing, and is sandwiched between an important future metro station on the eastside and a 25 centuries old temple complex on the west side. The project measures circa 120,000 square meters and has a diverse programme with commercial functions, a hotel, housing-working units, over 400 high-end apartments and an underground parking for 1100 cars. Below the complex a connection between the metro station and the side of the historical temple is planned. This will also include commercial functions and links to the parking volume. The temple complex, the surrounding small scale housing and the directly adjacent part of the Canal are jointly labeled as Unesco World Heritage Site. The urban integration of this extensive new building project within the given historic context is one of the important challenges of this architecture competition. The non-linear routing of the traditional Chinese garden form the main inspiration for the design, while introducing the concept of literally and architecturally stacking program. cepezed took the Chinese patterns to create rational structures, orientating the lower levels on site such that it enables to connect the historical Temple to modern hotspots like the metro station. Rotated at a 90 degree angle the higher levels gain from a perfect orientation, facing south with a view to the temple and canal. Stacking the program also creates a variety of high spatial quality, routing and circulation, while at the same time guaranteeing a routing and circulation which are clear, efficient and safe. The eight courtyards that are formed as negative space each have their own theme, function and design. To name a few: Leisure, Park, Experience, Art, Theatre.

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