orthopedics olvg

The orthopedics department of the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam-West provides professional, personal and efficient healthcare. In doing so, it appeals to its patients' possibilities, not their restrictions or disabilities. The new interior arrangement reflects these values and attitude and functions as the department's business card. Staff must be able to work in it with pleasure and pride.
Within a structural organization by A&I architects, the assignment encompasses the policlinic and the lounge room of the department. cepezedinterior made the design for the spatial lay-out and arrangement as well as the fixed and movable furnishings. Among other things, the design is directed towards optimizing the department's configuration. Another goal is a serene, transparent and visually tranquil user experience making the patients feel at ease. The new arrangement includes a transition to the two-room-system, in which doctors and nursing staff can easily switch between rooms, enabling them to work more efficiently. For the walls, signing reflecting the identity of the department is projected.
An inviting character and easy navigation are the design themes for the reception and waiting room. Here, the orthopedics department welcomes its patients at the hospitality desk. Additionally, the room is furnished with comfortable seatings adjustable to the patients' orthopedic needs. When the meeting room is not in use by staff, it can be used as a reading and waiting room by patients.
Special attention for the elongated room with windows on bother longer sides is also reserved for a comfortable, controllable incidence of daylight, as well as for the user experience between the in- and outside of the clinic. New planting along the façades softens the view outside and provides privacy. With regard to materials and fitting, cepezedinterior establishes two clearly divided atmospheres, that of waiting and that of examination. The examination rooms will have a professional and hygienic ambience, while the reception, waiting and lounge sections will be warmer, more luxurious and hospitable domains.
amsterdam / the netherlands