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Brightlands Chemelot Campus Sittard-Geleen is an ideal entrepreneurial location for research- and business in the material sector and is currently experiencing enormous growth. In order to continuously provide enough parking facilities Brightlands commissioned HUBER Car Park Systems and cepezed to realize a new parking garage with 400 parking bays. The German HUBER is specialized in designing and realizing innovative parking solutions.
The design has a number of spear points: like an optimized parking layout, clarity and an architectural appearance befitting the campus’ green atmosphere. In collaboration with cepezed HUBER developed an intelligent parking concept which is evidently more efficient, clear and user-friendly than many current parking systems in the Netherlands. For example fewer ramps are used and long spans without columns provide easy parking.
Safety is also an high priority. This becomes apparent by one-way traffic without crossings and there is a good overview with clearly defined pedestrian zones. The footpath lies on the outer side of the traffic lanes and has a contrasting colour so cars will keep a safe distance and pedestrians can reach the stairwell securely. A window pane between the stairwell and the garage offers good overview to guaranty a feeling of social safety. The separate entry and exit are marked with coloured panels which are also clearly visible at night-time through reflective traffic-sign coating. The parking floors with adhered a special, durable, anti-slip covering.
The parking garage is constructed with a proven and optimized prefab building system that uses a galvanized steel frame with composite slabs. The result is in an economical and sustainable parking garage, less material use and a reduction of maintenance costs.
In front of the stalwart frame on the west-side there is a semi-transparent facade with louvres made of softwood. Through a process of sustainable modification the softwood gains the long-lasting quality of hardwood as well as fire proof properties. In the area of the stairwell the louvres are space more apart in favour of transparency. By densifying the wooden slats the name Brightlands is incorporated in the facade screen.
The stairwell has a slim steel frame with perforated sheet pile cladding to enhance a stark appearance while providing transparency from within. At night-time there is a reverse effect when the stairwell is illuminated. The lighting uses energy efficient LEDs adhered with the so called HUBER-DALI-system, and equipped with a movement sensor and time clock.


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