zorah tower

Spectacular concept for a high-rise tower designed as an enormous glass hyperboloid with a transparent covered atrium at its heart, extending upward the entire height of the building. The number of storeys and the floor surface area can be adjusted to the requirements of the client. The tower can be used for apartments, shops or offices, but also offers many possibilities for multifunctional use. The form, materialization and engineering make the building a stylish and distinctive icon in the skyline of every metropolitan environment. The appearance and structure provide many advantages. The construction principle guarantees an elegant and stable building with column-free floors. Although the twisted supporting and façade construction may look complicated, it is easily implemented due to the many repetitions in entirely straight elements that are serially produced. Because the atrium is covered with a transparent roofing, the upper storeys in particular receive light from both outside and inside. The atrium also allows natural ventilation so that fewer installations are required. On the ground floor, the atrium serves as an enormous entrance hall, while offering a great variety of spatial experience on other floors as well.