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CollectionCentre Netherlands (CCNL) is the joint collection building for the state collections of the Dutch Open Air Museum, museum Paleis Het Loo, the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands will be realized in Amersfoort Vathorst by design of cepezed.
In a sense CC-NL is the treasure room of The Netherlands, but the project’s emphasis lies on functionality. It will become a compact building with a limited outer surface, which has a flexible layout, is expandable and wherein above all it is enjoyable to work. It entails a volume structure of a ‘head’, ‘neck’ and ‘trunk’. The actual depot, the trunk, exists of four storey volume. The for-lying single storey building volume with a comparable square footprint contains, with a clear logistics and pleasant daylight engulfed work spaces, the programme of the ‘neck’. The ‘head’ forms a fully transparent segment at the front that welcomes both employees as visitors.
The depot has a large spans of 8,1 meters, granting its maximum flexibility. For optimum protection against fire, the fire compartments are small and the separations are of a high classification.
Between the head with its entrance function and the neck with its employee programme lies a pleasant, secured patio of which the design fits the local surrounding. The conserving- and restauration ateliers are flooded with northern light via this patio and skylights. The neck forms a pleasant working environment with ample, but not disturbing and if necessary dimmable daylight.
The design is certificated BREEAM Outstanding for its sustainability and in the Public Sector Projects, it is nominated for the international BREEAM Awards 2019. Special is the climate control of the depot. As a tea cozy, an insulating shell has been placed over the hull, while the ground floor is left uninsulated and in direct contact with the underlying soil, which works like a temperature buffer. The head and neck also have a high insulation value. In addition, these building components use a system for the long-term storage of heat and cold in the soil, as well as a gray water system to flush the toilets, for example. A large area of solar panels will be installed on the roof and the outdoor spaces will be ecologically furnished.
The building brings several organizations together under one roof and thereby offers the possibility for synergy and collaboration as well as room for their own identity. In the building volume, materials and detailing the complex forms a strong unity that fits the interest of the collection as well as the expediency that CC-NL aims for.

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