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Radical renewal of the Woerden town hall and Regional Historic Centre Rijnstreek and Lopikerwaard. The old housing was in bad constructional and construction physical shape, used a lot of energy as a result and was climatologically uncomfortable. Also, the building was too big for the current ways of working and had experience and functionality deficiencies. The revitalization by cepezed and cepezedinterior was aimed at a combination of reduction, modernization and sustainability enhancement. After completion, the town hall is a light and spacious building with an A+++ label.

For a more compact and unambiguous entirety, several construction segments of the 1980’s ensemble were taken down while limited new construction was purposively added. Overall, the gross floor area was reduced from around 14.000 m2 to some 8.000 m2. Openness, spatial experience and connection are central themes of the revitalization. For instance, the building was provided with added, fully transparent voids that bring light, airiness and spaciousness into the building, strongly contribute to internal physical and visual interaction and additionally are an integral part of the climate concept. The traditional closed office arrangement was completely removed and replaced with large open zones and transparent spaces. Large glass sections in the new facades create a strong connection with the greenery outside. 

The interior is based on the New Ways of Working. It is multifunctional, flexible, has different types of work places and importantly focusses on collaboration. An exceptional feature is that not even the mayor or aldermen have their own steady workplace. In terms of tone and atmosphere, the interior is based on the characteristic green cope landscape around Woerden. Other elements underline the identity of the municipality as well. For example, historical prints are used on privacy foils and the council chamber has a large chandelier shaped like the historic ramparts. 

The new town hall has energy label A+++, the second highest attainable. With that, the town hall has made an energetic leap of over six steps. In order to achieve this, the façade is strongly insulating and the building is equipped with an aquifer thermal energy storage and a large surface of solar panels. The removed and stripped construction sections were sustainably and circularly demolished; all materials released were strictly separated and no less than 98% of them are or will be recycled through a certified processing company. 

Finally, the revitalization was budget neutral; including the costs of financing for the overall renovation, the total exploitation costs for the new town hall remained equal to those of the old. This is partly due to the reduction of the gross floor area and strong reduction of costs for energy and maintenance.  

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