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Software giant Microsoft wanted to move to a more central location at Schiphol airport, after a previous rental contract expired. In parallel, the company wanted to invest in a farreaching implementation of The New World of Work. Meanwhile, Schiphol Real Estate saw opportunities in a large complex for multi-tenant use. The parties came to terms in the development of The Outlook at Schiphol-Centre, directly opposite the head office of the Schiphol Group. Partly because the realization had to take place quickly, cepezed was allowed to design the building. The more than 64,000 sqm complex was realized in two phases and has an open, light and pavilion-like atmosphere, a substantial clear height per storey and an extra wide office bay with a minimum number of columns. The principal structure consists of a series of alternating linked, longer and shorter bays. Parking is organized within two underground layers and the plinth of the building. The upper storeys can be arranged entirely freely and are connected to each other by large voids and imposing staircases. The flexible and efficient arrangement makes it possible for Schiphol Real Estate to respond to the individual spatial requirements of a wide range of tenants, which besides Microsoft include the Inland Revenue and a multinational in the food industry. Partly to achieve quick realization, all the technically complicated elements such as stairs and lifts and standpipes are concentrated in an elongated central zone. Specially designed façade elements more than 16 metres long also made an important contribution to a dynamic implementation. The new Microsoft office represents an internationally renowned example of The New World of Work. The company regularly receives large groups of people interested in the advantages of this way of working, which besides facilitating a better balance between work and private life and a corresponding absence through illness leads to benefits such as a reduction in CO2 by more than 30 percent, less metres of office space required per employee and almost 40 percent less flights due to web and video conferencing. Since moving into The Outlook, Microsoft has also achieved a high position for years on end in the Great Place to Work, the organization that carries out annual research into trust, pride and pleasure within organizations.

A modern office building with an open, light, and pavilion-like atmosphere and extra-wide office bays with a minimum amount of columns. The building is situated at a strategic location at Schiphol-Centre with easy international access. The project will be realized in two stages and will eventually provide more than 38,000m² of office space and 850 parking places. A large part will be utilized by the Dutch head office of software giant Microsoft. The main structure comprises a series of longer and shorter office bays linked in a finger-joint configuration. Two subterranean storeys and the plinth of the building accommodate the parking facilities. The office floors allow a flexible layout and are mutually connected by large vides and representative staircases. An overhead space of no less than 2.90 m gives a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. The façades are largely implemented in glass without vertical struts, allowing the incidence of much natural light. The vides, which are roofed over with skylights, also contribute to the abundance of daylight in the building.
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