office breda

The assignment was a design for the new head office of Rasenberg Vastgoed in Breda. cepezed created a design that focused on optimum functionality and a high incentive to linger with comfortable workspaces. The round building has an imposing all-round presence and stands alone in the landscape, giving it an optimum connection with its green surroundings. Considerable thought was also given to flexibility and potentially variable use in the future. In addition, the building could be realized easily, quickly, flexibly and in a controlled way.

The building design has a clear organization with three lenticular bays within a circular main structure. In a central position between the bays is an atrium over the full height with the contours of a three-pointed star. The form of the atrium and the glass materialization of both the atrium roof and the façades create an excellent incidence of natural light and long sight lines. So the building reflects the openness and transparency that Rasenberg wished to project.

The spaces directly adjacent to the façade are intended for various types of office concepts and the open floors bordering the atrium are for special functions such as meeting places, informal workspaces and coffee areas. In this way, the internal organization and lay-out encourage encounters, interaction and knowledge-sharing within an inviting, dynamic and inspiring working environment.

The cepezed design was not chosen as the winner of the architects' selection. The entire project was ultimately abandoned due to the bankruptcy of Rasenberg Vastgoed; the new-build was never realized.

breda / the netherlands