entreeportaal biotech campus

As part of the masterplan designed by cepezed for DSM Delft, the entrance area along the Prinses Beatrixlaan has undergone a major adaptation. The new forecourt is conveniently arranged and provides sufficient space for visitors reporting at the gate and parking spaces for freight traffic.

One distinctive element is the entrance portal that spans the entire breadth of the campus entrances and exits with its 54 metres. Via these entrances, passenger and freight traffic is streamed in the direction of the research area or the campus where the office and laboratory building for the DSM Biotechnology Centre, designed by cepezed, is currently being realized.

The construction was inspired by a design by cepezed in an ideas competition for a series of motorway portals for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and consists of a prefabricated frame clad with aluminium composite panels where the required matrix displays, height meters and lighting are integrated.

delft / the netherlands